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  1. Vicki Lerch

    May 27th, 2010

    I love PEI. I was fortunate to vacation with Cam & Laura-Jane summer 2009! (Mom’s privilige) We experienced 10 of the 11 Top ten Things to do on PEI thanks to our fab hosts Cam & Laura-Jane.

  2. Cr

    May 28th, 2010

    We are in PEI right now on our honeymoon. Thanks for posting your top 11! We are currently driving to the AA macdonald gardens in Georgetown. Have you been there? Apparently we’ll pass montague soon. Any recommendations for restaurants with good vegan options would be awesome.

    • Laura-Jane - Whimfield

      May 29th, 2010

      Congratulations on your marriage and honeymoon! Hmm, vegan places to eat in Eastern Kings… that’s not easy! There are a few vegetarian options… I’ve had a good veggie burger in Cardigan at the Cape Light Restaurant, but I recognize that that’s not vegan. In Montague, there are really only a handful of restaurants… Pizza Delight (chain restaurant), “Sir Isaac’s Restaurant and Mr. Gabe’s Pub” (not very many vegetarian options last time I was there), Windows on the Water (never been there, but seems like a seafood place. It’s only open in Summer.), there’s also a Chinese food place. In Georgetown, there’s the Georgetown Inn which I think is supposed to be OK but we’ve never been there either. I am sure I’m missing a few places but I just woke up and my brain is foggy!

      • Laura-Jane - Whimfield

        May 30th, 2010

        Also, “Landmark Cafe” (only open in Summer) has a few vegetarian options. It is located right by the water on the Montague River.

  3. Johanna

    May 28th, 2010

    Spot on but I would add spending a night at West Point where you can actually spend a night in a Lighthouse. It’s hard to keep it to 10 things though. There is a lot to do on PEI.

  4. Louise

    May 28th, 2010

    We went there on a conference in 2003. Toured as a group to the touristy places. Woodleigh replicas were not interesting. I enjoyed going to O’Leary and the potato museum and cafeteria. Had potato soup. Many potato items on the menu. Enjoyed walking around the old homes in downtown Summerside. Loved Anne of Green Gables. No tour when we went. Walked through the Haunted Wood. The rooms were just like the descriptions in the books. BTW, I just read the prequel by another author, and it was good. Lobster dinner at New Glasgow was the best ever. There was a preserve place close by to purchase jams. Loved the green hills, blue sky, red dunes and white sand. But best of all, everyone we met truly liked talking to us tourists, which is a treat in itself.

    • Laura-Jane - Whimfield

      May 29th, 2010

      Oh yes, the preserve place is very famous. Haven’t been there, but here’s the link. I think they give tours or something. It’s supposed to be a good place to visit.

  5. N&M

    Jun 1st, 2010

    This is getting me excited for my trip to PEI!! Yes, Vicki, I will be visiting
    L-J in 11 sleeps!

  6. Meg S.

    Jun 1st, 2010

    Ahhh also don’t forget the windmills (on both tips of the Island) and Bottle Houses in Cap-Egmont. We liked both of those places. We honeymooned in NS & PEI in Fall 2006 and visited again in 2008 – our adventures from our 1st trip are documented at http://www.threedown.com/honeymoon/ we are hoping to make our next trip back in 2011!! So many wonderful things to see and do there!

  7. Danielle Chitty

    Jun 3rd, 2010

    My favorite was Green Park Provincial Park. We camped there Labour Day weekend last year. There were only two other camping parties there. We basically had the whole park to ourselves. The parks representative was wonderful and we had the best night of our lives. He filled us in on the local fishing trade, gave us tips for coming in the fall, and where to get the best seafood. He showed us how to shuck an oyster and we enjoyed fresh oysters over the fire as the sun went down over the river. It was peaceful and quiet an my kids and husband and I will never forget it. We’re coming back this labour day weekend, but don’t spred it around too much. We loved having the huge park to ourselves. Oh and P.S. we got to eat the fresh veggies they were growing in the garden over at the house ( which is just as great as Greene Gables ) as the park was closing the next day. What a treat.

  8. Ellen

    Jun 24th, 2010

    Hi Laura jane
    remember me? We’re actually in pei now until sat and actually staying at a cottage in montague so naturally thought of you! I really dig your top ten list and I have one to add. Since I’m travelling w a todler a really neat little place at least for vintage-y pics is kings court prov park. It has old school playground rides for the kids and life size statues from children stories. Someof the areas looked a little dinged out or rusty so I didn’t let my 1yr old on afraid he might hurt himself but it was great for pics like near the antique train or the huge pumpkin. Hope this
    And if anything this vaca makes me want to move here even more!

  9. Jude

    Jun 28th, 2010

    Hey! L.J.V. Steve and I went to a concert this afternoon in Metchosin. Marjorie was there, natch- playing Baroque Violin. I wanted to send you the pictures I took, but don’t know your actual E-mail address?? Have just entered the” Wonderful World of Whimfield” for the first time tonight. Great to finally see your smiling faces!! Big “Highland” hugs from Jude and Steve and Taffy!! (Steve won’t let us do Facebook.)

  10. Craig

    Jul 11th, 2010

    Hey Laura-Jane. I’m so glad you posted this and I came across it just in time. This weekend I’ve been (very roughly) planning out an impromptu solo road trip to PEI leaving in 3 days! Got some time off and refuse to waste it sitting around the house.

    I have no idea what I’m doing or really where I’m going other than “I want to see the east coast” so I’m sure I will make very good use of your to-do’s here. :)

    Now to hunt down any missing camping gear… hmmmm.

  11. Thomai

    Aug 7th, 2011

    Hi LJ- thought I’d add another fun way to fill a few hours in PEI. The Great Canadian Soap Company sells amazing products made from goat’s milk and olive oil like soap, shea butter creams and other divine products. It’s the best place for souvenirs that you can’t buy anywhere else, and better than another T-shirt. You can also feed and meet the goats. It’s fun for adults or kids too.

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