11 Comments to “Swirl Means Love”

  1. Vicki Lerch

    Aug 25th, 2010

    Keep on swirling!!

  2. christy

    Aug 25th, 2010

    honestly, you and cam are THE CUTEST. period. cutest ever.

  3. Anonymous

    Aug 25th, 2010

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  4. christy

    Aug 26th, 2010

    yep! cuter than anything !! :)

  5. Johanna

    Aug 26th, 2010

    That is the best!!! I most defiantly agree
    Swirl is the whirl of your heart twirling in time to the music of your soul
    Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Vicki Lerch

    Aug 26th, 2010

    I have to agree on the cutest ever, especially Cam!! I love the hair don’t cut it!! PS My hairdressers all love him too!!

  7. Mathieu

    Aug 28th, 2010

    I love this site! It is like my pre-industrial alter-ego. You both are so courageous and inspiring.

    I try not to hold onto TOO many past memories, because relationships change all the time, and we have to constantly keep updating them (like our blogs). But they are certainly golden moments, aren’t they :)

    Futhark Lifehack – Build Your Ideal Life

  8. Tony

    Dec 24th, 2010

    Cameron she would make my heart swirl to. Your certainly blessed to have such a wonderful wife! Keep the wood stove burning and your love swirling.


  9. Tony

    Apr 6th, 2011

    Hope everything is well up there summer is almost here Thank God!!

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