7 Comments to “Surround Yourself With People That Make You Feel Good!”

  1. Shamelle - TheEnhanceLife

    Sep 30th, 2008

    You make a good point. The people in our lives affect the decision we take and also they play a large part into motivating and supporting us.

  2. Friends make me feel at home. Friends bring out the best qualities in me. Friends make me laugh, smile, enjoy, and reminisce. Friends make me more intellectual. Friends help me in times of need. Friends are what makes the world go around.

    This post reminded me of the good in the word friend. For that I thank you alone. Not to mentioned it was written like a quality professional.

  3. Luclaire

    Sep 30th, 2008

    I love this article. Quality of friendships is so, so important! I’d rather have only a few good friends than a world of people that dont really like me for who I am. this article reminds me of that. so thanks.

  4. RazorFamilyFarms.com

    Sep 30th, 2008

    Our friends keep us inspired, focused, and fill us with the knowledge that we are not alone in this life. Awesome post.

    Hey, thank you for the nod on Technorati!

    I posted a story start on my site and am curious to hear what you think.


  5. Anonymous

    Oct 1st, 2008

    Hey firewood isnt babbling on…its a great topic of conversation here.

    Best wishes from Brittany France

  6. Blu

    Oct 1st, 2008

    sorry I forgot to say who I am..HOW RUDE……..hee hee..Best wishes from Brittany France

  7. Sal

    Oct 11th, 2009

    Never had friends that I was sad to see go – you are very blessed indeed!

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