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  1. Johanna

    Dec 12th, 2010

    A couple of websites
    This is the main one I use


    as well there is

    Maybe I’m just being heedless and impulsive in wanting to move. Although after 6 years of waiting and planning I’m not sure impulsive fits:)

    Finding employment anywhere is a difficult proposition these days.

  2. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Dec 18th, 2010

    We all have to do it on our own schedule, don’t we Johanna? There is much to consider!

  3. Craig

    Dec 21st, 2010

    Here are a couple of more sites to add. They feature the latest labour market information for PEI. You can see the employment prospects for a variety of jobs on PEI as well as wage information (there is more information as well).

    Oh, and Atlantic Turbines is now called Vector Aerospace.

  4. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Jan 1st, 2011

    Great links, Craig. Useful resources.

    And thanks for the note about Vector Aerospace. There old website didn’t seem to load anymore, either. Fixed and thx for the note.

  5. Johanna

    Jan 16th, 2011

    Found another website that looks interesting for job searching


  6. Dwayne

    May 19th, 2011

    While websites and ads are all very usefull…. I’ve always found just getting out there and talking to people is the best way to track down a job. And you have to be willing to take what you can get to begin with and not think you have to find the perfect job right away. Get your foot in a door, make a name for yourself and then get out there and narrow down your search for that ideal job.

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