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  1. Kim

    Jan 2nd, 2011

    Laura-Jane, because you haven’t made any resolutions, this will be the year you accomplish the most!
    You could try to blog more, lol, because I’m sure I’m not the only loyal reader who misses your posts!

  2. Jane

    Jan 2nd, 2011

    Yes, resolve to blog more Laura-Jane. I for one am curious as to the busyness and topsy turvyness of your life as it seems to be in conflict with your reasons for moving to PEI. You are such an insightful, sensitive and thought-provoking writer and I’ve learned so much about PEI from reading all of your past posts. Your readers so look forward to posts from Whimfield, we miss you:)

  3. Johanna

    Jan 2nd, 2011

    I generally don’t make resolutions, I tend to be too hard on myself when I fail. I just try to take each day as it comes along and do my best to be loving and kind to those around me but most especially to myself. I think a lot of us are too hard on ourselves.
    I try to take time to go for nature walks, for me they are very important to keeping balance since my job is in front of a computer.
    And I think ,most importantly I try not to have expectations. I don’t really like that sense of not being good enough, not measuring up.
    Hope the busyness you are experiencing is good busyness.

  4. Bradley

    Jan 3rd, 2011

    My resolutions, for the past five years, have not been annual but rather weekly. Each Monday I make resolutions to add-on, eliminate or correct the changes I wanted to make the previous week. I don’t put the pressure on myself of trying to make good on something for the whole year and possibly failing.

    If I make the change or improvement in my life, it may not take a whole year.

    For example, if it’s beginning exercise, once I begin and continue with it, I’ve already fulfilled my resolution.

    The same if it is to begin learning something new or to get my website out of ‘under construction’ mode and put it out into the public view.

    I break down my resolutions or wishes into small parcels so that I can reward myself with the accomplishment of completing a small task rather than trying to aim for the larger goal. All the small ones still add up to the larger goal though.

    Clear off my desk so that my workspace is always clean of clutter (small task). Clean, sort and reorganize one shelf at a time in the room (small tasks). The large goal? Clean up and organize a room!

    But it’s not all about the physical. Say nothing rather than make a reply in a discussion (small task). The large goal? Be less argumentative just to get in the last word. Do something special each week to make it seem like a date (small task). Large goal is to be more loving.

    Part of it is to make the commitment in smaller tasks. The other part is to put a date on each (with an alternate date) so that the commitment has a timeline. (Just like when working with clients!) Now, I will have a better chance of being successful.

    The one small task I make each week, no matter what, is to take a few minutes in each day to meditate for calmness and clarity of mind and to be thankful for what I have. That alone sets me straight for the rest of the week.

  5. Sayantanee from India...

    Jan 3rd, 2011

    Do put up more of your beautiful pictures!
    Happy new Year.

  6. Michelle

    Jan 4th, 2011

    I resolve to work harder at plucking a certain, annoying thorn from my flesh. Then, I might feel less weighed down and fall in love all over again with where I landed five years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still love living here. I just need to get out from under a rock (thorny rock, it is).

  7. warren

    Jan 5th, 2011

    I am determined to quit my addiction to Mt Dew. Really I want to stop drinking all soft drinks. It seems like I am addicted and I know it is just crap that I am feeding into my body. Anyhow, I am determined to quit…so far so good!

  8. Brianne

    Jan 6th, 2011

    My main resolution is to try to enjoy each day as it comes and not worry about things that haven’t happened yet. I have a extremely bad habit of always moving onto the next step without even enjoying the one I’ve just completed and I suffer alot of stress and anxiety because of it. For example 3 years ago I wanted nothing more to have my own apartment, and now then I have an apartment I want nothing more then to move out of it and into a bigger place and so on and so forth, its exhausting.

    My smaller resolutions are to get outside a bit more, eat a few more salads and a little less pasta, and try to get to the gym a few days each week. Also going to try for Disneyland this year, as I have never been, it should be a blast.

  9. Andrea

    Jan 14th, 2011

    I resolve not to buy another old house :) On a more serious note, I just want to get closer to the ideology that I want to live by, but that seems so difficult. My nature is so full or irony, my mind so full of dreaminess, my parenting style so fixed on the desire for my son to have financial security, and then there is career ambition that got all jumbled up with questions of its relevance in the scheme of things. I resolve to remain in my existential crisis, because life would be really lackluster if I resolved it away.

  10. Tim

    Jan 24th, 2011

    Hi Laura-Jane,

    It’s been a long time since I last posted a comment. I’m on the coast visiting family in BC at the moment. I once thought of BC as the ultimate laid-back Mecca of Eastern philosophy, but the property boom starting in 03 unfortunately damaged the karma of the coast as elements of greed obfuscated the free-spirited, artistic drivers of the gentle lifestyle. Hence, one of the original reasons why I wanted to move ‘Eastward’ to Quebec (and also bought property on PEI). I’m pleased to see that PEI is becoming fertile ground for good karma next door to you…


    Despite the cold weather, my wife and I hope you and Cameron are keeping strong, active, and happy.


    P.S. Please see my wife’s latest book.

  11. brenna

    Feb 5th, 2011

    Hey LJ, have did not make any resolutions this year either. I usually do make one silently in my head but for some reason I didn’t this year. Perhaps it is because I had already quit smoking and started exercising again. I think our resolutions should not only be make once a year… I focus on priorities I guess… I prioritize my life and start at the top of the list. Don’t feel bad for not making a resolution! Some sort of goal will come to you, or perhaps it already has?

  12. brenna

    Feb 5th, 2011

    reminder to self- proof read!!!

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