15 Comments to “Driving Across Canada: How to Sleep in Your Car In the Depths of Winter (Part 1)”

  1. [...] month in the middle of winter–for 28 nights, in fact! I wrote a long photo/blog entry about it at my website. We used the Webasto heater, and it worked SPECTACULARLY. It was crazy. The winds were whistling [...]

  2. Laura-Jane

    Oct 18th, 2008

    We’ve had a number of emails about our heater installation!

    A couple of important notes about safety:

    1. Exhaust from such a heater can kill you. So be extremely aware about where your exhaust is coming out. Remember, you cannot smell or see carbon monoxide, so you have to take precautions.

    2. We bought an RV/motorhome carbon-monoxide detector. Cam spliced it so that it we could plug it in to the cigarette plug. We never slept in the car without the carbon monoxide detector plugged in.

  3. Kat

    Nov 26th, 2008

    Your story says you made the trip in December of 2008. Given that it’s only November 2008 right now, shouldn’t that be corrected?

  4. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Nov 26th, 2008

    @ Kat – Yes! Correction made. Thank you for pointing that out!!!

  5. Jeff

    Mar 13th, 2009

    It is amazing how peoples lives cross paths. We live in Maine and we are preparing for our journey/new lives in Washington State. We will land very close to the area you left and visa versa. I wish you well PEI has always been a place i wanted to visit but never did. Good luck with your new home. I found this blog from hearth.com. One thing I will miss dearly is burning wood…

  6. mike

    Apr 9th, 2009

    awesome post! im actually considering trading in my current vehicle for a fuel efficient car with spacious room for sleep. i want to drive all across the us just for the hell of it. your post was very helpful and very fun to read.

  7. Anonymous

    Jun 20th, 2009

    Thank you for your post. I am taking a small trip from and do not wish to pay to hotels. I am going to sleep in my small corella toyota. Also I have no air conditioning. Looking for ways to keep the car cool as I drive South n the hottest time of the year..

  8. jessie

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    I have driven across in fall and summer. Now we are doing it again as of November 1st. This time with a baby (10 months) . People think we are crazy, but we love the adventure of it all… We hope our son will also be an adventurous soul. I guess we are sometimes double guessing ourselves with some peoples negetive comments, but we know we can do it!
    I hope your trip was awesome and you will think of doing it again for the love of life.
    You just don’t realize how much is out there until you leave your confort barrier. That’s the scariest part leaving the confort and the unknown awaits.

  9. Sal

    Oct 10th, 2009

    Anonymous: this may be too late, but if you google your request, you will get a lot of great ideas about living in your car.
    One important thing is to darken your back side windows as much as you are allowed. – for security as well as reduction of sun heating up your car. Then get those stick on dark blinds for the other windows, and one for the back middle window where the sun comes in and reflects on your mirror and blinds you.
    Also get those sun screens for the front windows – everyone uses them and you don’t look like you are sleeping in your car.
    Which is illegal in some States and Provinces.
    Wash up at truck stops – nice air conditioned or heated places where truck drivers go to shower for $5. This is also a safe place to sleep overnight as well. Google Truck Stops across Canada or the States.
    There is also a little solar fan that you can get for your car – goes in the rear windows and solar makes a fan turn. Never used it as I live in Alberta and we only get two weeks of summer heat – ever!
    Shop at Grocery Stores – don’t eat fast food. Go to a movie once in awhile if it is really hot. hang out at the beach.
    Google your needs man! It is all there.
    Have fun!

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  11. [...] trip story starts the Whimfield blog. Laura Jane opens the manifest by detailing her migration in Driving Across Canada: How To Sleep in Your Car In The Depths Of Winter with her boyfriend Cameron in a jeep like automobile. The couple slept in their vehicle and rigged [...]

  12. Albert Edwards

    Jan 29th, 2010

    Works fantastic to warm up our bathroom. Still working after a year. It is rather loud on high speed, on low speed its ok, but if you place it on high then get in the shower you wont hear it over the water running.

  13. Eiki

    Mar 8th, 2010

    I live in Iceland and I own a motorhome fiat ducato 1991 model,whit gas heater but I wuld like to buy Webasto heater:)

  14. kim

    Apr 6th, 2010

    I envy you both on your giant leap of faith and going through with such an adventure. I wish my husband and I had been so brave when we were first married.
    Now 20+ years later we are feeling the need for an adventure much like the one you embarked on and are teetering back and forth on leaving our one and only home or taking that leap and creating a completely different way of life for ourselves and children. I’m leaning towards the adventure…and what an adventure it would be with 4 kids in tow!

  15. Andy Thomas

    Nov 23rd, 2011

    Great Post! I’m a traveller by nature and really enjoyed it. But I will say, that you are definitely adverturous!


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