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  1. Freda

    Apr 5th, 2009

    Yes, magnificent creatures they are. A few miles from where I grew up in Iowa, a very large farmer/rancher had some buffalo and when the school bus would go up their lane to pick up the kids the buffalo would come running to the fence. They were actually very people friendly. Fascinating creatures!! I wonder if they are still around HMMMMMM. May have to check it out sometime, has been to many years and am sure the place has been sold a time or two.

  2. christy

    Apr 5th, 2009

    Oh my gosh that is SOOOO COOL!!! We have some people around here (2 separate families) that keep buffalo for their meat but I’ve never even thought of them living just in a 100 acre park like that. It’s neat how they can hide from people and not be seen.

    • tanya

      Sep 6th, 2010

      Hi Christy,
      do u know if u can buy buffalo meat? I had it once in Manitoba and it is the BEST meat EVER!!!!!

      Does anyone there sell buffalo meat? I am looking for a buffalo roast, anyone know where I can get this?

  3. Natalie

    Apr 5th, 2009

    We have a buffalo/bison farm not far from where we live, and the meat is fairly popular around here and Quebec (we are 15 minutes from the Quebec border.) But I think they are just lovely animals to look at. I wonder if anyone has ever done anything with their fibre, in the way they’ve made qiviut from musk-ox fur.

  4. Rain

    Apr 5th, 2009

    I’ve only seen bison once when I visited Park Safari in Qc, about 25 years ago. All I remember is big and furry!

    I’m really glad to know that this place exists. Of all the time I’ve spent on PEI, I never knew about this sanctuary. I’m keeping a list of “things to do” actually, because once I get there I want to dig into exploring the Island. Thanks for posting this!

  5. John Morris

    Apr 5th, 2009

    This is one of the best kept secrets on PEI! Among other great things down east.

  6. Arenda

    Apr 5th, 2009

    Haha, ohmy, I’ve lived here for almost 8 years and I’d never heard of Buffalo on PEI!! :| I am definitely going to have to check out the park sometime this summer.

  7. Julie K

    Apr 5th, 2009

    Hi Laura-Jane! I have to ask, how close is this to my new house? Is it right next door?

  8. Kim

    Apr 5th, 2009

    Well, who knew?
    Another item to add to the ‘must-do’ list.

    Have you been to Orwell Corner’s historical village yet? The MacPhail homestead is there, as well. Worth the visit.

    And hey, let’s celebrate the fact that we can see ground once again. Life is sooo good. Spring is finally here in PEI, yippee!

  9. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Apr 5th, 2009

    @Freda – I wonder how long buffalo live? They strike me as wise, old creatures. They’re a funny mixture of calm/gentle and aggressive/scary.

    @Christy – You live in a fascinating part of the country. Giant pumpkins, buffalo, painted barns, and much much more I’m sure.

    @Natalie – That’s a good question about their wool. I suppose the question might be, is anyone brave enough to get the wool from the buffalo? Come to think of it, I don’t even know how wool is gathered. I think they shear it, yes?

    @Rain – Big and furry, that was my impression too, lol.

    @John Morris – Yes, I think the only reason that we knew about it was because it was so close to us. It’s not really something that comes up much in conversation, I guess.

    @Arenda – One of the many reasons to read this blog, yes?????? :P I am sure there are a gazillion things that I’ve never heard of and don’t know that I’m missing. I should make a post, like, “the top twenty things to see and do on PEI.” I guess everyone’s list would be different, though.

    @Julie K – Let’s put it this way. It’s close enough to be convenient, but not close enough to be scary, if that makes sense. It’s at the very end of your road. Maybe…a kilometer away? You definitely wouldn’t be able to see them from your house or anything. Definitely a nice walking distance away, though. You’re in a great location.

    @Kim – I am ashamed to say that we haven’t been to the MacPhail Woods/Orwell Corner. Oh, that’s not entirely true I guess. I was in the historic house at a craft fair once in the middle of winter, but I didn’t see the grounds or any of the natural part. There are sooooooooo many things we haven’t seen. We still have only been to one beach (Panmure Island once for about twenty minutes), still haven’t been to Cavendish, haven’t seen the windmills, etc. etc. etc. We plan on seeing a lot this summer though! Spring is here, isn’t it? There are tons of birds out and about! Still some snow on the ground but it’s disappearing fast.

  10. Julie K

    Apr 5th, 2009

    Thanks Laura-Jane That is great that it is so close. Not scared as long as the fence is good LOL We live near some here (Alberta for those that don’t know me) and they have them on the army base in Wainwright. It is possible that some of yours may be from here!) I have seen a buffalo skin coat (antique) but they are too dangerous to try and shear. They are somewhat like rhinos in that they will attack without warning. Hard to believe because they seem placid like cows. There were a group of cowboys here many years ago that used to look after a large herd and some of them were killed over the years by either a bad fall from their horses or by the buffalo. One of them raised an orphan calf and it used to follow him and his horse about for years. Was quite friendly to both of them. Then one day for no reason he attacked them. The man managed to make it back into the cabin but the buffalo killed his horse :(

    If they ever make a successful break for freedom after we are living there I will not be assisting in the roundup!

  11. Andy Collier

    Apr 6th, 2009

    There are probably a few more areas you should add to your list, Basin Head for one, Cape Bear, Rossignol Winery…

  12. Meg

    Apr 6th, 2009

    I am so glad that you guys got to see the buffalo! That was one of the places we visited on our 1st trip to PEI! There is also a very good winery down in that area as well – Rossignol (sp?), you can do tastings there, if you and Cam are ever interested!

  13. Gary Gray

    Apr 7th, 2009

    Hi L-J

    Wow great day to go buffalo watching and you got to see most, if not all of the herd too…cool!

    Is that your new Flip Video Camera in your hand? If so, how did it work for you?

    Great pictures! (as usual)

    Nice to see the snow going so quickly and the fishers will be on the water in just three weeks. With the arrival of the migrating birds, spring IS coming to P.E.I.

    Hope you are having a GREAT! day…Hi to Cam.

    Smiles :o)


  14. Oh my goodness… what a gorgeous adventure and what beautiful photographs!
    Buffaloes are one of my favourite animals ~ even though I’m all the way over the ocean in Australia! :)

  15. Natalie

    Apr 7th, 2009

    I’m not sure what they do, if anything, to get fibre off buffalo, but I know it’s quite dangerous with musk-ox. As I recall they just get it off the ground when the musk-oxen shed…but my memory can’t be trusted, even though I went to a musk-ox farm in Alaska and learned about this whole process. Anyway, there are reasons qiviut is so expensive (but it is about 40 times warmer than wool and the nicest thing I have ever knit with!)

  16. Scott

    Apr 7th, 2009

    I have now read your whole blog and I have to say that you are living the dream. I met you just the other day at the grocery store and I wish I could have chatted longer.

    BTW, the fur/wool on a buffalo is plucked off as it comes loose.

  17. Julie K.

    Apr 7th, 2009

    Well I won’t be attempting any plucking LOL

    I can’t wait till we go to the Island in July for a vacation. Looking forward to meeting you and Cameron Laura-Jane. Defintely plan a visit to the Rossignol winery! Their strawberry rhubarb wine is ver nice :)

  18. warren

    Apr 7th, 2009

    They are magnificent. I am so glad you got to see them. Sorry you still have snow though…

  19. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Apr 10th, 2009

    Um, thank you all for your buffalo-related comments!!!! I am not responding properly to each of your lovely comments because I have been insanely busy this past week. In fact, I’ve been working on one tiny blog post for the past four days. Isn’t that sad?? I’ll be back soon. Love, Laura-Jane Whimfield Muddy Driveway Woman

  20. christy

    Apr 10th, 2009

    there is an article about a lady from PEI in homestead magazine (a free magazine that john deere publishes) !! i’m not sure if you can read it online but here is the site. http://www.deere.com/en_US/ag/homestead/index.html

    The town she’s near is Rusticoville but it said she sells her flowers at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market and I knew that was near you. If you want the article I can send it to you!!!!!

  21. tipper

    Apr 10th, 2009


  22. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Apr 15th, 2009

    @Julie K – Yikes! I think the fence is sound! :)

    @Andy – I really should make a to-do list for this Summer. Last summer we were too busy with the house, but this Summer we’re having a few family members come to visit so I really hope that we’ll get out to such places.

    @Meg – I’ve heard a lot of good things about the winery. We don’t drink, but I am very interested to see how such things are made.

    @Goddess Leonie – Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Silly question…are there buffaloes in Australia??

    @Natalie – Isn’t it strange with our memories? It drives me nuts! I bet that your memory can be trusted. That sounds about right. You are such a crafty gal that you know the best wools to knit with!

    @Scott – I very much enjoyed meeting you as well! Thanks for reading. Now whenever I drive past your workplace I think of you! All the best…

    @Julie – Good! We don’t want your induction to PEI to be a buffalo disaster, now do we?

    @Warren – The snow will be gone soon enough… It’s almost gone now………Almost!

    @Christy – That sounds interesting! I hate to trouble you to send it to me but if you did I’d read it. I think you still have my address from the pumpkin extravaganza? NO PRESSURE TO SEND IT THOUGH! By the way…………pumpkin entry is in the works and I might need to consult you!

    @Tipper – Thanks! And congrats on your enewsletter. I signed up!

  23. Mike M

    Apr 19th, 2009

    They got some deer there as well :)

  24. Laura-Jane - Whimfield

    Apr 19th, 2009

    Do they really??? I miss deer! Seriously.

  25. tanya

    Sep 6th, 2010

    Does anyone there sell buffalo meat? I am looking for a buffalo roast, anyone know where I can get this?

  26. Wendy

    Jul 5th, 2011

    I know this is 2 yrs. later, but, like so many others, I stumbled upon your site, after (again, like so many others) dreaming of at least visiting PEI one day. Anyway, I couldn’t resist telling you about my experience w/buffalo when I read this. When I was about 4 years old, my parents and I were in Wyoming where we pulled off the side of the road to see a buffalo/bison(?) standing. Someone took a picture of it, and I guess the flash upset the thing, so it came after us! We ran toward the car as fast as we could. In fact, my parents were running so fast my feet were not even touching the ground. (My mom and dad each held one of my hands). They ran around a stump, lifting me over it. However, they didn’t lift me high enough, and I ended up with a gash in my stomach and a scar for years. I actually laugh at it now, believe it or not. BTW, very interesting blog!

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